is a platform to download and emulate all your favorite games without the cost. Each game has been tested and conveniently packed into a zip file for you.

Visit the How To Guide section of our website and download the emulator required for your game. You simply open up the emulator and load the folder / disk image file. View the 'HOW TO RUN GAME!.txt' file for further instructions.

Yes, every game on this file is free to download. There is a pro download option if you want faster speeds, but that isn't required.

Nintendo is extremely strict with their games being shared. With that being said, you will not see any Nintendo emulators/titles on this game regardless of how many requests there are.

Visit the Request Games section of the website.

Not all ROMs are perfect, and not all emulators run the game perfectly. Make sure your emulators are up to date and look it up on Google for further fixes.

The primary region is USA or Region-Free. In rare cases we may upload Roms from the EU region.

No. We only provide USA as primary. A lot of these Roms do contain multiple languages depending on the game.

No, for the time being we won't be adding PSP games.