You will learn how to emulate and run every game on this guide with this simple to follow tutorial. Be sure to download 7-Zip to extract the .zip files.

Playstation 1

  • Download and install DuckStation.
  • Click “Add Game Directory”, browse and select the game file.
  • When asked if you would like to scan the directory recursively, select Yes.
  • Afterwards double click on the game title to play.

Playstation 2

  • Download and install PCSX2.
  • Do a Normal Installation.
  • During the First Time Configuration, you will be asked to Select a BIOS rom. Go to your downloads folder where you downloaded PCSX2, then go inside the PS2-Bios folder. Right click and copy the ‘SCPH-70012.bin’ file
  • Then in the PCSX2 configurator, click “Open in explorer”, right click and paste the bios file into the folder.
  • Click “Refresh list” and you should see the USA Bios loaded up.
  • Click Finish and launch the emulator.
  • To load a game, select “System” > “Boot ISO (full)” > Select the Disk Image File (.iso)

Playstation 3

  • Download and run RPCS3.
  • You will be asked to update the software, select Yes.
  • Afterwards, click “Open” > Select the game folder.
  • You will be asked for a PS3UPDAT.PUP file. You can download it here.
  • Select the PUP file and the game will be ready to launch.

XBOX 360

  • Download and run Xenia.
  • Select File > “Open” > Select the game Disc Image File (.iso)


  • Download and run redream.
  • Click on “Library” > “Add Directory” > Browse to your downloaded game folder and the game will start.