Before sending a game request check the following: ⇩

A. The game you want is for the following: PS1, PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, and Dreamcast. We do not support any Nintendo titles/emulators.

B. The game you are requesting is not already on the website. A simple search on the homepage will tell you if we have the title or not.

C. State the console the game you want is for, for example PS2, otherwise we won’t know which console you want it for.

-Keep the discussions section related. DO NOT SPAM or create long threads. If you get caught more then once, you will be banned from commenting.
-Keep your requests at least 12-24 hours apart to reduce clutter, otherwise it’ll be marked as spam. We can’t get to every game request, and spamming won’t help you either.
-Don’t use this section for any questions, use the Latest News section for that.
-If you have any issues with games (game doesn’t start, freeze, etc), ensure your emulator is up to date and use google to solve any issues you might come across.

Have a game request to add on to the site? Comment below and we will release games you want! All requests are accepted from classical old games to new games. To post a comment on here, make sure you sign up and login to Disqus. (You can do this by clicking here).